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thewhitedemon2 asked: "Altazar smiled and shook his head softly he was only there to visit his aunt "No Aunt I'm just here to visit you since I never actually met you""

Smiling, Hecate didn’t mean to sound bitter. “I know my sister likes to keep her children from being around me like I’m some leper.” She shrugged a bit. “It is good to meet you, dear. Do you live here in the underworld?”

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thewhitedemon2 asked: "Altazar smiled softly as he saw the famous goddess in front of him, he bowed softly and respectfully"Greetings I am Altazar son of Hades and Persephone god of corruption""
Hecate looked up, still not happy she was even there. “Hello, Nephew. I wasn’t aware my sister had more children. Fancy that.” It wasn’t the boy’s fault she was stuck, once again, in the Underworld.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Finally. Come, what is it I can do for you?”

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Indie lilith blog [borderlands]

For any borderlands blog i follow since she’s a sideblog from here.

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"As a Role Player, I make many promises.
But as a lazy scattered brain, I need people to remind me of most of them."
— Every Role Player who can admit it. (via bloodyxjester)

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Anonymous asked: "General Bitching: People who use the excuse of not using icons because they're mobile blogging and fucking lazy. Learn some basic coding and you'll realize just how easy it is to add in an icon. And there is hollow-art for a reason. Instant access to your icons where ever you are. Stop being so fucking slack."


Yeeeeah. I have to disagree with that.

What about people who have slow phones/ipods/tablets? Do you know how long it takes to do that? I’ve tried and it’s taken easily 20+ minutes just to do one simple reply. Yes, they could also just wait until they’re on a computer again, but for those who don’t have access to one, it’s difficult.

You really shouldn’t care less if someone doesn’t use icons/gifs because guess what. How about you try being more descriptive with your writing rather than relying completely on a picture, huh?


So i’m going to add to this as someone who is 100% on mobile.

Not being able to load icons does not make me lazy. There are times where it actually locks up my phone/tablet and i end up losing everything I was working on.

I know how to code and i know how to put icons in my posts. But you do realize 85% of the time hollow art is down and when you search for icons on tumblr most people are so fucking anal if you happen to use one they make that they post publicly.

So no, me choosing not to use icons does not make me lazy. So go suck a fuck anon.



I should be more active come the weekend. The big parts of the move are today and tomorrow. And i work on top of that so I should be good soon.

Thanls for putting up with meeee.


Indie Foxy the Pirate from five nights at freddy’s

Human fc: Ksenia Solo

Indie Foxy the Pirate from five nights at freddy’s

Human fc: Ksenia Solo

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